Surviving the tightening credit environment in Singapore


SMEs in Singapore have been tightening their credit terms over the years, effectively constraining the credit terms that any business can get from their suppliers.  This leads to many cash-flow issues for many SMEs as they are having to pay their suppliers faster than usual. In order to solve this issues, SMEs need financing such as business loans which effectively reduce their profit margins. The article featured shows 3 different strategies businesses can take in order to adapt to the new tightening credit environment. These are namely tightening the credit terms with their debtors, invoice financing and increasing financing facilities early through either debt financing or equity injections. Interestingly, the best strategy proposed by the article is invoice financingInvoice financing addresses the issue of tighter credit conditions directly. Businesses don’t have to risk antagonize their clients by insisting on tight credit terms and they can avoid getting business loans, making it a very useful asset in their strategic arsenal.

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