Five Points to Keep in Mind When Investing in P2P Lending

Industry experts are hailing it as the investment trend to watch out for in 2017. The appeal of P2P lending for investors lies in the high ROI and predictable risk. A lucrative new avenue, P2P lending provides an opportunity to earn gross return of 22% to 26% per annum. P2P lending requires an investor to be thoroughly aware and educated on how to make informed choices when opting for P2P lending.  It’s here to stay and the faster a smart investor understands, learns, and makes the most of it, higher the returns.

This article suggests 5 main points to keep in mind for investors with P2P Lending: 1. Build a Diversified Portfolio; 2. Small Ticket-size, More Loans; 3. Compounding Benefit; 4. Realistic Expectations, Long-term horizon; 5. Informed Choices. With new marketplace lending concept, investors can have higher confidence when investing with P2P platforms, and hold a manageable and diversified portfolio with up-to-date technology such as Auto-Funding with Capital Match. 

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