Atlanta living the high-tech hub dream

At a time when business is soaring for FinTech and Technologis a major driver for economies, Atlanta is a metamorphosing into a high-tech hub which other cities dream about. 

Atlanta has leveraged on its talent, location, transportation hub and citywide technological support, and emerged into a leading fintech hub, thereby fostering its development.

In addition to its dominance in the fintech space, Atlanta posits itself as an emerging player in the payments-processing industry. According to the American Transaction Processors Coalition, Georgia is predominant in the volume of credit card payments processed globally. Atlanta commands diversity in companies in its fintech space, thereby resulting in firms with distinctive cultures and  different sizes across the revenue channel.

Testifying the growth of the fintech space in Atlanta, umpteen startups in Atlanta’s fintech spectrum have had IPOs. Furthermore, it serves as a draw to international up-and-comers in the industry. These start-ups posit a promising future, of becoming upper-middle-market companies and corporate entities, if they receive the appropriate talent, experience, and capital.

Atlanta possesses immense potential in its growth as a leading high-tech hub in the fintech space, given its unique status as the only major city in its region. Furthermore, the existence of premier research universities within proximity ensure a promising talent hub. Atlanta’s corporate leaders have extended their help to encourage young entrepreneurs and technologists build successful companies. Last year, a group of established companies collaborated with Georgia Institute of Technology to kick-start a new venture-capital fund and mentorship program titled Engage Ventures. Continue reading

Ways to Invest That Aren’t Bitcoin

For the past year, it has all been about the rise of cryptocurrency. As tempting as it may sound, bitcoin and others are not the ideal investments. We have seen increased volatility in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, as the price of bitcoin has fallen, there has been an increase in complaints surrounding bitcoin markets.

This article gives a general overview of four alternative investment options and crowdfunding is one of those options. Crowdfunding has democratised finance. Groups of individuals investors can now provide funds to small businesses that previously struggled to get financed. There are plenty of investment opportunities in local businesses including invoice financing, loans and equity shares. In Singapore, some of these platforms offer annualised returns as high as 30%. These platforms give individuals an exciting way to invest in small local businesses, which was not previously possible.

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