When investing meets technology

Technology is changing the way we invest. The emergence of financial technology (fintech) platforms has provided investors with innovative ways to manage their wealth via mobile or web-based applications. In the world of wealth management, fintech is bringing broader and more efficient ways for both investors and borrowers.

With avenues such as equity crowdfunding (ECF), peer-to-peer (P2P) financing, robo-advisories and quantitative trading platforms, investors now have the opportunity to diversify their investments, minimise risk and increase portfolio returns both locally and abroad.

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Pacific Exchanges Podcast: How Fintech Can Improve Small Business Lending in Asia

Small and Medium Businesses are encountering difficulty getting business loans from the large financial institutions. The emerging Technology is making impact on the Banking and Finance Industry. Through making effective usage of data which was overlooked during current operation, Fintech can provide a better solution for SME loans. Most banks use less than 10 to 20 percent of the data that they already have, so that’s a huge opportunity, to use that data for actionable insights. In addition, data is a good source for doing fraud check such as telecommunication data. Cyber security and other alliance are also included in the discussion for Fintech.

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