3 Ways To Free Up Cash and Grow Your Business

From Megan Totka at Small Business Trends:

“Nearly every business that exists shares a common goal: to make more money and find financial success. You have to constantly focus on cash flow management, profitability and increase the value of your business if you want to prosper. Invoice factoring companies let you turn current, unpaid invoices, into cash without adding new debt. Free up your cash to help you meet payroll, add new products and services to your offerings and extend the geographical reach of your business. Factoring companies¬†allow you to transform your business cash flow and will give you the access to the funds you need without worrying about invoices staying open as long as 120 days. Instead of sitting and waiting for payment, you can proceed with new work, pay employees, or buy needed supplies. Check the online Factoring Directory to help you find the best factoring that aligns with your business needs.”

SMEs need to take steps on improving cash flow management to free up the needs for working capital. Besides getting early settlements on payment and improving marketing, modern invoice financing is a great tool supporting SMEs to have steady cash flow for the operation. Supported by current fintech era, P2P lending in Invoice Financing is changing the way people invest and how SMEs are getting loan. In Singapore, the biggest lending platform Capital Match is providing efficient and reliable source of alternative funding for SMEs. Continue reading

The future of Millennial banking

From Marketing Interactive:

“Throughout the history of banking, financial institutions have been the centre of all transactions for consumers and businesses. Large institutions held control of the industry.In the last ten years, the fundamental assumption that financial institutions¬†are the only avenue to financial transactions is being called to question, especially by Millennials, who are by far the most entrepreneurial generation. This creates opportunities for peer to peer (P2P) lending marketplaces such as Prosper and Lending Club, platforms which create alternative ways to access cash loans while providing alternative yields on deposits. ”

Newly introduced peer-to-peer lending platforms are now an alternative source of yielding higher return with controlled risk compared with traditional banking. The banking system is now changed to a new ways where multiple players (e.g. Fintech) are filling gaps from traditional banking. In Singapore, the SME invoice financing sector is now moved to alternative lending side with big players such as Capital Match which provides professional services in credit assessment and factoring.

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