Bank web lending can be faster and cheaper

Post by Steve Cocheo in Banking Exchange:

“Clients increasingly want the same convenience from their local providers that they can obtain from such players. Kabbage, for example, promises up to $150,000 in business credit in ten minutes. The bank hasn’t been able to measure the local impact of marketplace lender competition, but clearly customers want an experience like that offered by such players.”

New Technologies are changing the traditional loan system, new ways of credit assessment and funding source make this process faster and cheaper. High-efficient technology advancement helps the loan in SME sector as well. In Singapore, Fintech player Capital Match is offering convenient invoice financing option for SMEs to ease their financing option with advanced credit assessment, at the same time protecting investors with higher return from managed risk.

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How to save your cash and make some more using P2P lending

P2P or Peer to Peer lending platforms are known to act as an intermediate between lenders and borrowers and they would be charging a fee for their service. Comparing to traditional banking system, P2P lending provides quick, safe and convenient ways of investing in the new era. This article listed a few points for all potential investors (both individual & institutional) to adopt right strategy to secure the portfolio and at the same time earn some considerable returns. Singapore is a technology focusing place with huge potential in the peer to peer lending which supports SMEs in obtaining alternative financing. Capital Match offers the great opportunity for investors to try out new Fintech approach in investment, with safe process of credit risk assessment and fund management.

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