Funding: There is an Alternative

The financial world has been dominated by big banks for decades, but the landscape is changing. Public opinion of banks has deteriorated and their processes and technologies have been revealed to be outdated. Meanwhile, new entrants have challenged the assumption that all major financial transactions must go through a bank.

This article explores alternative ways for SMEs to obtain funding, such as, Peer to Peer Lending (Disintermediation), Equity Finance, Managing Working Capital, Invoice Finance (Factoring), Supply Chain Finance and Asset Finance. By using the right finance for their requirements, businesses can keep their costs down, make financial management simpler and grow their businesses.

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Singapore Marketplace Lender Capital Match Facilitates S$40M+ in Cumulative Origination

Capital Match announced that it has facilitated over S$40 million in cumulative origination since the start of its operations in 2015. The company claims itself as the largest pure marketplace platform in Singapore and greater Southeast Asia offering invoice financing and secured lending products. Accredited investors globally may now invest in receivables financing of Singapore-based companies with Capital Match’s recent introduction of a custodian trust account (restrictions apply to US investors). Capital Match reported that it continues to grow strongly month-over-month on invoice financing origination and is ramping up on secured lending, having currently originated S$4-5 million (US$2.9-3.6 million) across 60-80 facilities per month and has a low minimum investment size per facility of S$1,000 (US$700) or less, providing a high degree of diversification.

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